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IMPORTANT: We've changed our name! Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ has changed its name. After more than a decade of serving the Family Friendly Arena, we've changed our name to promote an award program that better fits today's society and range of inventors, companies, and individuals. There's plenty of amazing people and products with awesome credentials and skills in various areas such as art, music, games, software, etc., but their product may not be geared specifically for kids or parents, but more for a target group, such as younger adults, older adults, women, men, moms, dads, kids, pets, retail outlet, boutique, designer clothes, shoes, frugal shopping, money-saving device, marital relationships, etc. In recognizing these individuals and companies, we will be helping to expand their well-deserved excitement and creativity within the general public, as well as the media in continuing to find the best of the best, especially while the economy builds towards a stronger foundation.

While we will continue to accept all Family Friendly Products, we will also welcome other inventors, companies and individuals who have incredible products, including web sites and business-related material/items, and everything in-between, as long as it is porn/sex free. That one stipulation stays intact. What does that mean? It means that if any product, web site or whatever, is created, invented, and/or geared as its main purpose to produce rated xxx material, don't waste your time, effort or money applying...it isn't going to happen here.

Help us spread the word! We're here for you but bigger and better with more bang for your buck. To celebrate our upgrade, take advantage of our amazing two for one WINTER OFFER. Until February 28, 2012, you can pay for one submission/application fee and enter your product for two categories. Or, share the opportunity with a friend and save even more. Either way, we're doing our part in helping the economy continue to grow and become stronger. Remember, this special offer ends February 28, 2012 so take advantage of it now.

For additional details, please see http://www.lifebuzzaward.com/FAQ.php -- just scroll to the bottom.


In honor of re-christening our name change and newly designed site, we have begun our search for the TOP 10 products we think have created the most BUZZ in today's society by contributing to the "zest" and competition of 2010. It was not an easy task as there are literally millions of awesome, creative and amazing products of all kinds. Here's our list so far:

  1. Smithsonian Channel
  2. Smithsonian Channel: Kids Shows
  3. MASHABLE.com
  4. The Oprah Show OPRAH.com
  5. The Ellen Show THEELLENSHOW.com
  6. The Autism Book, Dr. Sears
  7. Why Positive Thinkers Have The Power: How to Use the Powerful Three-Word Motto to Achieve Greater Peace of Mind by, Ken Bossone

  9. Wits and Wagers Family
  10. Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny


Please visit our benefit page where you can also read our 2010/2011 Parent and Media Survey!

Lynn invites people with quality products, including web sites and software, to apply...but urges people to begin by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section at LifeBuzzAward.com.

We will continue to try and meet the demands of the public by implementing new categories as they are needed. Please check back often. If you do not see a category listed that you feel your product would fit, send us a note or a suggestion for a potential category.

We look forward to testing, reviewing and evaluating your products.

Always Best Success!

Life Buzz Award Team

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"We are delighted to have won the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, it's terrific! A major aim of our series and companion website www.inthemix.org is to give parents information and insight as to what teens are thinking and doing...from the teens themselves. " ~ Sue Castle, PBS Kids TV, Executive Producer, In The Mix www.inthemix.org
"We are barely a few weeks old and winning this amazing award was unexpected and very cool! We are especially honored to be in the 'TOP Sites for Moms' for 2008!" ~ CEO, Jennifer Oldroyd, ceoMom.com
"I'm not only honored and humbled by this prestigious award, but it also managed to renew my spirit because fighting for America's forgotten students takes a lot of heart, and I'm very grateful to the Parent to Parent for the acknowledgment of that effort." ~ Jodee Blanco, Please Stop Laughing At Me . . ., Jodee Blanco's New York Times bestselling book. www.jodeeblanco.com
"Scholastic is very proud to receive the Adding Wisdom Award for outstanding quality in educational and fun products such as Veggie Tales, Baby Einstein, Build A Bear, and more. The award graphic printed on the products has made a wonderful difference in showcasing our top Parent to Parent award-winning books, videos, etc., to families and teachers nationwide." ~ Sara Miller, Senior Editor, New Product Development, Scholastic.com
Hoover, Vice President of Product Marketing, Dave Baker: "We are honored to be recognized by Parent to Parent with the Adding Wisdom Award. Hoover has been a trusted and reliable brand for families across the country for nearly 100 years, and it's our pledge to provide top-quality products that deliver unequalled cleaning confidence. With our latest WindTunnel 2 model, we made great technology even better, so our vacuum cleaners work harder for our customers and clean carpets better than any other leading brand. It's wonderful to hear that through testing by real families, the WindTunnel 2 has delivered on this promise. Thank you for this honor!" ~Dave Baker, Vice President of Product Marketing, Hoover, http://www.hoover.com
"Jodie Lynn, As creator and producer of Phonics 4 Babies I am thoroughly excited to win such a prestigious award. The 'Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award' has always set such a high standard in our industry; to win in 6 categories is... Very Cool!"

~ Joe Giangrasso
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